Emmanuel baptist Church falmouth

EBC History

The Baptist Church in Falmouth dates back as far as 1663, but it was not until 1769 that a Meeting House was established within the town boundaries.

Emmanuel baptist Church falmouth

The search for a space

The congregation moved several times, eventually transferring to a purpose-built Church in Market Street, which opened in 1877.

When there was an offer by a business house to buy the premises (it eventually became Woolworths), the Church decided to move to an expanding residential part of the town and acquired land in Western Terrace, which was then on the edge of the town. The present Church building opened in 1939 and has since expanded, with the addition of a school room extension in 1969,a Manse in the Church grounds in 1976 and a new foyer in 1985.

Mission Hall was opened

At a similar time to the Western Terrace move, the Church opened a Mission Hall in Meadowbank Road on the eastern edge of town.

Here there was a Sunday School, an evening service and a mid-week Women’s Meeting. This flourished for some years but in 1966 the decline in attendance made it necessary to transport the youngsters and others to the main Church. Residential flats for the elderly were built on the site of the Mission Hall, overseen by a management group from Emmanuel.

Emmanuel Baptist Church has been blessed over the years with good leadership; folk with wisdom and foresight who were prepared to take action and move the Church forward. They have prepared the way for the congregation of today – a lively, active, progressive and sincere group of Christians.

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