Vision Day 2024

We were invited to pray and fast before the weekend – if this is something you would like to do before completing the digital forms it is also encouraged. For some of those that attended the Vision Day, the feedback was that God started prompting thoughts that came into focus during the sessions and form filling.

While this digital pack misses the interactions on the day, the data will be just as relevant as if you were there in person. The 2 exercises in Session 1 were more ice-breaker type activities which allowed for some weighted voting around 14 areas of life in EBC. We then collated some personal thoughts on post-it notes which were sorted into ‘Physical’ things we do, what are ‘Spiritual’ and what crosses over between the two. This data was then further sorted into what is done ‘Internally’ e.g. specifically for church, and what is ‘External’ or both. The aim of these exercises was to encourage table talk, and group feedback so that Session 2 would allow for a flow of useable data – these are the 3 forms that are listed below:

Table Talk Form: (20+ mins)

Following on from Session 1 conversations, this form is the place to capture all your thoughts and dreams. If you have any prophetic words, or pictures or scriptures, the only filter or grouping for this data is whether you feel it is something that will shape Short / Mid / Long Term vision / plans.

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Skills Bank Form: (30+ mins)

There are 36 areas where you are invited to share 3 types of feedback. The form has more details, but as an overview, not everything will relate to you or your thoughts, only the first part of each question is mandatory, please feel free to tick which answer is relevant and scroll down to Next and move on – not every questions needs to be fully answered if you have nothing more to add / feedback.

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Change Management Form: (15+ mins)

​As a summary from all the data created so far, let’s boil this down to some potential next steps.

What are you going to:

​Start / Stop / Change / Empower
(empower isn’t about handing over, but growing, encouraging / equipping something or someone) 

Firstly for the Church and secondly for Yourself.

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I’m looking for