In the bible forty is a significant period of time . It can be 40 days, 40 years and in some cases 400 years. In this time frame God seems to bring about major change from one season to another .

With this in mind we will be launching 40 days of prayer, starting the 1st June.

This can also include fasting for those wanting to maximise this special time set aside to listen to God.  If you would like to know more, listen to Drew’s talk below on fasting and how to introduce this into your own prayer life.

Each week will have a theme as we work through where we are now and where we hope to be by the time Charles leaves us at the end of September .

From Monday to Friday there will be a 5 minute ‘thought for the day‘ that focuses on some aspect of the week’s theme.

There will be other occasions of getting together during the six weeks, praising, praying, prayer walking and sharing what God has said to us. Watch out for these being announced .

God has promised that He has a blueprint for our future here at Emmanuel but that He will only show us the way forward step by step.

This might be uncomfortable, scary and challenging but it will be a wonderful adventure with Jesus so don’t miss this opportunity to join in and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you and align you to His plans .

Kate &Jo

( ‘40 Days’ organisers)

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.Matthew 6:33


A short session from Drew on fasting and how to introduce this into your own prayer life.

Hey y’all,

I recorded this short video after a couple of conversations on the subject of the 40 days of prayer and fasting that we are entering into. Having not really heard much by way of theological teaching on fasting I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this and why I haven chosen to fast at various points over the past few years.


Watch the short session on fasting here

Amy’s Prayer for week 2 – ‘Making Ready

You will have heard Tracey sharing a prayer with us this week that Amy has written. Below is the prayer for you to reflect on again over the next couple of weeks.

Father God, I welcome you in now to light up my day.
I declare you as my rock, my strength and saviour, now and always.
Father be with me today, protect me and keep me safe from harm.
Help me to delight in others as you delight in me.
Fill me with your love so that I might share it with confidence with those around me.
Father give me peace in situations I find difficult and make me patient even when things are hard.
Bless me with a gentle heart, filled with your goodness so that kindness flows through my mind and from my tongue.
Help me to be faithful to you Father in all I do.
Father I offer this day to you.
I submit myself to you, may your will be done through me.
I will follow where you lead, fully trusting in your awesome plans.
I will rejoice in the joy of your loving spirit and not grow weary.
Thank you for loving me so deeply, for keeping me in your safe place and never letting me go.
In Jesus’ name