Friday family

Friday Family is an evening at EBC Falmouth all about food, Games & Fellowship for all!

Interested in knowing more?

When are they?

After a year of awesome gatherings, we are currently praying and seeking God’s will for the future of our Friday Family events. Please check back in September for details of the coming year ahead!


What’s it about?

The idea is that once a month anyone can turn up to enjoy and be blessed by some food and company.


Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome. No one needs permission to turn up, if you want to bring friends, go for it. We trust that God will guide us to cook enough for everyone. When we get it wrong there is always something in the freezer to top up what we make!


What should I expect?

Food. It won’t be fancy but God willing it will be tasty and we try to cater for most dietary needs. We usually make everything vegetarian, but occasionally there may be a meat option.

Company. Everyone is welcome and you can chat, chill with a cuppa or play a game as the mood takes you.

A relaxed atmosphere. The word family in the name is there to remind us that you don’t need to dress up or do anything special to come along. Come on in, make yourself at home. If there is something you need, don’t be afraid to ask.


How can I be involved?

Come along! Get a feel for the evening and join in with what’s happening. Every evening we are blessed by different people helping set up, welcome and tidy away. Feel free to make suggestions too – but do expect that we’d love you to bring those suggestions to life!


How is it funded?

Currently it is paid for as part of Amy and Jo’s tithe to EBC. We believe that money should not come into a family evening, so we have chosen not to ask for donations on the evening. However, if you would like to make a financial contribution to making the evenings happen then please contact the church office or talk to Bill Husthwaite the church treasurer.


What’s new?

Introducing a tiny addition to the Family Friday events: Fix-It.

Most of us have something broken in the shed which may cost too much to fix; we may even have bought a new replacement but can’t bear to send the old one to the tip. With a little TLC, it could be brought back from the brink and given a new lease of life.

We’ll start with things I can help with – small tools, garden machinery etc. I’ll bring some tools and my small amount of knowledge and we’ll see what happens. If it develops, others may want to offer skills in repairing items so that we can reduce our waste and extend the life of everyday equipment.

Fix-It will launch on June 16th then run on the July event before Family Friday breaks for summer.

Look forward to seeing you there.