Students at EBC

At Emmanuel, we have a history of close relationships with students at Falmouth and Exeter Universities.

Where is all started

The Christian Union was established by students attending Emmanuel.

We have always appreciated the role that students play at Emmanuel by joining our worship group, small groups and helping to lead children and youth events. In the past we’ve run a social programme that has included meeting regularly for walks, meals and trips out.

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Before Covid, we regularly hosted events run by the Christian Union including outreach meals and a weekly prayer breakfast.

Things have changed a lot this year but we have been working with other local churches to link students with host families in Falmouth and Penryn, we have a student led social media group that students are able to join to build links, ask for practical help or prayer and when appropriate to plan socially distanced meet ups and walks.

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We’re also putting together a student led service planned to take place on the 6th December 2020, please tune in to our Sunday service to meet some of our student members and to find out more about how they have been living out their faith during these challenging times.
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