What is Rightnow Media & how can you use it?

Right now media is an amazing tool for all the family, providing new and exciting resources for exploring the gospel.

Why sign up & start watching?

Rightnow Media is a free resource available to anyone at EBC Falmouth, providing 24/7 access to a wonderful libary of video resources.

There are videos available for all to help you develop and grow in your walk with Jesus.

You can stream these videos from your phone, tablet, laptop or even your TV (if you happen to have a snazzy one!)

If you’d like acccess to this fantastic resouce, please email the church office church office for the sign up link.


A series reccomendation

Joseph: When Lifes a Rollercoaster
As a house group we have recently finished a study and when discussing what we would like to do next we decided that we would like to study Joseph.

Although a story that we all feel we know very well we still felt there was more we could explore.  Over the past few weeks/months God has used different speakers to bring messages to EBC that have linked to Joseph story to us and when some members of our housegroup reminded us of that we felt it really was one to follow up.

We have now watched and discussed three of the studies within this six part series and would highly recommend it.

Here’s some more details;

In this compelling six-part series, Andrew Ollerton peels back the layers of Joseph’s astonishing life as told in Genesis, encouraging us to live the dream even when life’s a nightmare. Learn from Joseph how to triumph over temptation and how to flourish when you feel stuck. Be inspired by the power of forgiving the unforgivable, stewarding influence for the greater good, finishing strong, and leaving a legacy that lasts.

Watch here