CAP Money Course

2022-04-20 19:30:00

Emmanuel Baptist Church


We will be running a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money Course starting Wednesday 20th April at 19:30

Running for 3 weeks until 4th May 2022 19:30

Pre-booking is essential 


What is a CAP Money Course?

The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple but incredibly flexible money management system that will work for you. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so that you are in control of how you spend, save, pay-down debt or give. 

Whether you feel pretty organised or whether it’s like a lucky dip every time you try to take money from your account, the CAP Money Course will help you take complete control of your finances. There are hundreds of courses run throughout the country each year.


We will continue to monitor Government Covid-19 guidelines to ensure that we provide a secure environment. 

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CAP Money Course