Join us for our All Age Church Vision Casting Day

Why A Vision Day?

Over the past few months, many have shared their hopes and dreams with Darren. When he arrived one of the messages he had laid on his heart for EBC was to “THINK BIGGER!” – After he arrived he felt God was saying the message was not getting through… it moved to “THINK BIGGER X2!”, and this message kept coming back – X2… X2… X2!

What does that kind of Vision look like?

The Vision Casting Day on Saturday the 13th January is for ‘All Ages’ to come along and engage with activities to help us capture the visions and dreams that God has placed in our hearts and minds – even if you don’t have specific thoughts, we all know what we like and what we don’t like, and we need to capture this information too.

It will be fun, interactive and a great time together, please don’t miss it!

We will start at 10.00am, break for refreshments at 11.30ish and continue until lunch time for a bring and share lunch – or you are welcome to take your leave then.

The information we generate creates some instant results on the day, and everyone is included – so please make this a priority to come along. If you are unable to make the day, you can still take part, please contact us and we will share more details.

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